The selection process for a job is a detailed affair these days. It can comprise of several rounds like physical, technical, G.D. and H.R. interview rounds.   Each of these rounds aims at accessing a particular (or more) aspects of a candidate’s personality and suitability for the job.
Out of these, the H.R. round generally confuses the students the most. This usually happens simply because they haven’t thought about their ambitions and themselves in general. It is always advisable to introspect and know yourself to avoid such a situation. You should be articulate and clear as to where you see yourself in a few years from now, your ambition, personal strengths etc. If you aren’t sure about your answers, how can you expect to convince the interviewer?

Let’s discuss some of the frequently asked questions of H.R. interview.


Q1. Tell me about yourself/ introduce yourself.
A. Maintain a balance between your personal and professional information when you answer this question. Start with telling your name with a smile. Tell them where you belong to. If you have work experience, talk about it, focusing on your achievements. Briefly talk about your qualification and a couple of strengths you possess. While telling about your family, restrict yourself to your nuclear family. It’s always good to share an idol you have in life and also talk about your ambition.

Q2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
A. Don’t boast or give flowery answers for your strengths, at the same time, don’t get over critical about your weaknesses. Some useful words that can be quoted as strengths are- committed, honest, self-motivated, adaptive, quick learner and a dreamer. You should play your weaknesses in a way that they are actually hidden strengths, like, ‘I don’t like getting interrupted when I’m occupied with work’ or ‘I trust people easily’. You can also give a smart answer like ‘I’m a perfectionist, which is both strength and a weakness’ or ‘I’m impatient, which in fact makes me a quick learner.

Q3. What is your ideal company or workplace?
A. My ideal workplace is one which challenges me, acknowledges my contribution and provides me with an environment to grow and achieve my personal as well as the company’s goals.

Q4. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
A. While answering this question, you can talk about your goals. For e.g., ‘I see myself as an enriched, experienced, well remunerated and reliable team player who is ready to take up bigger responsibilities in my career.’

Q5. Why do you want to work for us?
A. As a rule, always have information about the company you’re applying for a job with. An appropriate answer here would be, ‘I believe that an opportunity to work with a company of your repute will give my career a boost and provide me with enough opportunities to utilize and enhance my skills and experience.’

Q6. Why should we hire you?
A. Be confident, yet polite when you answer this one Some useful phrases here are, ‘I have the required skills and qualifications for this job’ or ‘I have good communication skills, suitable experience and technical expertise which can help me handle this job in the most efficient manner’. You can support your answer with highlighting some of the company’s achievements or a vision statement which is in line with your personal beliefs.

Q7. How much salary do you expect?
A. You can avoid giving a numerical answer to this one and say something like, ‘I expect to be remunerated as per the industry standards to keep me motivated and my financial needs fulfilled or ‘I expect my salary to be at par with my experience and qualifications, keeping in line with the industry standards’.

So to sum it up,  ↓

Your answers to the above and similar questions should be tailor-made and original. Don’t merely copy-paste them from somewhere but I’m sure these questions and answers will give you a clear thought process and a direction to your interview preparation. All the best!

Megha Chandani

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