What is a Slang ?

A Slang is an informal word which is used by a specific group of people. Usually it is a part of our spoken language but when we write in English, we are more formal. Slangs are creative and show that English language is constantly evolving over time.

Why do people use slangs ?

Slangs are generally used by the teenagers. They use slangs to give a native touch to their language as well as to grab attention and to portray themselves as cool.



Chill out It means to go for an outing especially to relax. Example After my exams , I want to chill out with my friends.

Zapped out It means to be completely tired or exhausted. ExampleI am zapped out after working for more than 10 hours.

Goof up To make a serious mistake. ExampleI gave him the complete responsibility of the shop and he goofed up.

In a New York Minute It means to do something in very less time. ExampleHe completed his task in a New York minute.

Airhead It means a person who is silly or stupid. ExamplePolly is airhead to leave such a good job.




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