Hey you, yes you reading this blog. Sit up straight!

Take 15 seconds and observe your body. Are you sitting, standing or lying in the correct posture? Is your back straight? Is your neck not too much bent? What about your hands and legs? Are they in the right position?

Well, I’m 100% hopeful that 90% of people who read the very first line of this blog must have made an attempt to correct their posture. See even a few seconds of sense of awareness helps you make your posture perfect.

Now the question arises, why do we need to perfect our posture? Well it is highly crucial for both our health as well as our profession to maintain a correct posture. The kind of lifestyle we all have, it is the major contributing factor in ruining our sitting and standing posture which is in turn affecting our health, mood and impression on other people badly.

I would like you all to have a look at this picture. This picture shows the bitter reality of today’s world. It might have made you laugh at the first place but let’s understand the grave threat which lies in this picture. Our daily habits are causing a big threat to our body. We have conditioned ourselves to follow a particular way of sitting, standing and walking because we have been following it ever since we were a toddler. That’s why it has become a subconscious habit due to years and years of repetition.

But just because we have been following a particular way for so long, that doesn’t make it right. Researchers have found that on an average a person spends more than 1700 hours per year at work place, spends up to 5.11 hours per day watching T.V. and as much as 15.5 hours per day sitting down. In other words, if not sleeping, we are most of the time sitting the entire day. Hence it’s of supreme importance that we check our way of sitting immediately.

Our posture has a lot of effect on our state of mind, mood, energy, self image, image that other people have of ours etc. Correcting our body language not only prevents many physical injuries but also makes us more positive, energetic and productive at work place.


More than 75% of communication is non verbal communication. Your body language dictates how people will perceive you in the first look. Especially in case of interviews, an interviewer makes an impression of a candidate in the first 15-20 seconds by the way he/she enters the room, the walk and the sitting posture. Hence it is pivotal to maintain your energy, confidence and positivity in your non verbal communication to create a positive first impression on the interviewer.


Your body language is the biggest reflection of your mood. Let me ask you all readers to close your eyes and imagine two people. Mr. A who is a successful man, has got promoted recently, has a happy family and loves his job and Mr. B who is over burdened in his job, got an information that he needs to work on weekends too to meet the targets. How would you picture both of them or their body language? Obviously Mr. A will be standing tall with a smile on his face, may be both hands on the waist and Mr. B slouching, with drooping shoulders sitting on a chair with a gloomy face. Your thoughts and your feelings affect your body. However it can be the other way round as well. If you make your body and stance positive it will in turn make your mood positive too.

Don’t believe me? Why don’t you all just stand up right now? Yes, get up all you lazy bones and try this experiment. Stand straight spread your legs a bit, raise your hands in a V shape just like how athletes pose when they cross the finish line and bag the first position. Hold this position for 10 seconds. You’ll realize that you feel more positive and powerful. This is actually called ‘POWER POSING’


When we sit in the correct posture, it ensures a proper supply of blood in our entire body. Similarly, if we sit in a wrong posture or awkward posture pressing our limbs, it causes numbness of that area. Correct posture also increases your oxygen level. When you sit with straight back and head, it allows you to take deeper breaths, hence results in more oxygen reaching your body which eventually causes more oxygen to reach body cells and maximizes your energy levels.


You don’t even realize that how our improper posture is injuring our muscles and bones. Especially maximum workspaces are un- friendly and injuring causing to our body. Some of the common areas which are susceptible to injuries and pain are.

Let’s now have a look at the most common mistakes that we do on a daily basis which is slowly and gradually torturing our body.

  1. Sitting and working on computers for long hours: Our body is designed for movement and making it sit for long hours motionlessly at the same place is against the natural course of our body.
  2. Talking on phone or texting: Tilting our heads while talking on phone and slouching and bending our neck too low while texting is the biggest hazard we can cause to our body.
  3. Wearing overweight bag-packs: This is the biggest reason why kids of today face injuries in the back bone and the shoulders.
  4. Working with arms out in front: When you have to constantly reach out for computer, it uses large shoulder, chest and arm muscles which if overused can begin to pull your shoulder and head forward.
  5. Risking your wrist: while typing and using mouse non-stop, a lot of pressure is put on our wrist muscles and bones which results in its wear and tear and major metacarpel injuries.
  6. The ostrich pose: standing in a posture forming an extra curve of your spine results in pressure in lumbar joints and shortening of hip ligament.
  7. Forward head: Chances are we exhibit this posture on a daily basis. It can lead to muscle pain, jaw dysfunction and spinal problems.
  8. Bending forward from back (while brushing teeth or lifting things from floor): this is actually the most wrong way to bend and hurts your back muscles and gives it a sudden jerk too. The best way to bend is hinge from hip when bending forward, keeping your weight on your heels.After reading about all these mistakes that we do of posture and how it gravely affects our body. You all must be thinking how to address this issue and correct our posture. So, readers stay tuned for the next update as in my next blog I’ll tell you how to perfect your posture and gain success everywhere.

Shaikh Uzma Jamal

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