We have often heard that reading books is a very good habit to cultivate. We have also heard that books are best friends .But why is it said so? What is it about reading that makes it such a rewarding hobby? Today, we will explore five reasons why we should all be readers for life:

1.For The aesthetic appeal-Books are art .And like any other form of art ,they have an aesthetic appeal .It is said that when you open a book ,you open a whole new world.

Books offer you a peek into whole new world. You travel places as the book moves through different locations. Fiction to many is a largely recreational pleasure offering them an escape and sometimes a much-needed diversion from the harsh realities of life. And the fragrance of fresh paper when you open a book is one of the most underrated pleasures of life, don’t you think?

2 . For An insight into history and society-A book is always a product of its times. When you read a book set in the eighteenth century, you get an insight into the historical and societal conditions of that time. To some, while history may be insignificant, but it enables you to the place the times then in comparison to the times now. How people used to think then and how they think now, how society has evolved, it gives a perspective about how changing times and wars and revolutions impact and change the way people think, how ideologies evolve. Do you think we would have been able to come so far in our understanding of the world if our ancestors had not documented their experiments with science and nature?

3.To educate ourselves –In this era of technology where a click can generate a plethora of information, books have managed to stand their ground. They are our primary source of knowledge and the best method to impart an education. Books not only provide us with knowledge on various sciences and subjects ,they also give us an understanding of human nature .Books have a multipurpose nature .Reading books from early childhood develops a thirst for knowledge in the child and also serves as a healthy and safe hobby.

4.To build vocabulary –While reading one comes across new phrases and words which enhances the reader’s vocabulary .Reading books as a method to increase vocabulary is always a better option than mugging up random words from the dictionary. In books, the unfolding scene gives you readymade context for the word, hence it becomes easier to use the word or phrase in everyday communication.

5.To reduce stress-Reading is the least energy consuming activity with large returns. Reading, in other words ,is a way to gain wisdom with minimal efforts. Often it happens, when we are engrossed in a good book ,we forget about the care and anxieties of the word .It gives us pleasure when we are able to relate to a character ,feel the way they feel.

These are only some of the reasons as to why reading is important. We should choose what we read wisely since books can shape the way we think and know the world around us .now that we know why reading is important, let’s keep calm and read on!

 Ayushi Maheshwari

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