“Sometimes I wish I could turn back time, impossible as it may seem….”

These are the beautiful lines from one of my favourite BACKSTREET BOYS songs “Quit Playing Games“, which always remind me of the eternal truth of life, time gone once can never be brought back. Nevertheless we can’t help plunging into deep thoughts of good old days so as to bring that happiness, which is out of our reach at the moment.

“HAPPINESS”! Yes, the only thing we look for in anything and everything. In our pursuit of happiness, we have almost forgotten the true meaning of being happy. Instead, we just crave instant gratification.

Nobody can deny the fact that the basic necessities, responsibilities, etc. of a human life have to be fulfilled and we ought to strive to do so.

However, the mere fulfilment of desires is not the reason of our happiness. But it’s the feeling of being able to bring a change in one’s and our own life.

But, happiness never lasts without one thing, “CONTENTMENT”.

Happiness and contentment go hand in hand and one should count their blessings instead of taking it for granted

It takes just one blow of negativity to bring us down. We have negative thoughts because:

  1. We don’t get what we want.
  2. We don’t have what others have.
  3. We compare ourselves with others.
  4. We’re not confident about ourselves, in terms of achieving something,etc.,etc.

And the list goes on and on.

So, constant negativity leads to loss of motivation, which further leads to depression and all the mundane happiness fizzles out. So, one should always list their achievements and have a reward for themselves.

As I mentioned before happiness is what we strive for our whole life. So, once we get the negative thoughts, just brush them aside with one single thought: “If you’re not scared of failing, you don’t have anything to lose too”

Have confidence and be self-motivated, for these are the things which will help you sail through.

  • Everything seems difficult if you’re not motivated.
  • Motivation comes when you count your achievements instead of dwelling upon the failures.
  • So, when you’re ready to fail, not to be a failure, but to learn from it, CONFIDENCE is something which you’re sure to get handy.

With SELF -MOTIVATION and SELF-CONFIDENCE, you’ll feel positive, and it’s rightly said:


A person who’s POSITIVE would be HAPPY too.So next time when you feel low and start inching towards depression and negativity, just remind yourself these beautiful lines by Aristotle Onassis:

“It is our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

With these inspiring lines, I’d like to conclude that you don’t have to look for happiness anywhere. It is only one thought away, and it’s only and only your possession.

Kalpana Chatterjee


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