Jewellery is not just a piece of beauty to flaunt but a way to adore oneself. It’s always better not to ask a woman how much jewellery she wants because it will be endless. If you are not wearing make-up, a piece of good trendy jewellery will glam up your look. There are various types of jewellery styles for hands, feet, arms, body, neck, hair and head.

Here we are going to see some jewellery for hands. It will be both wedding plus casual jewellery.

Hand Harness- This is one such kind which sounds modern but is traditional. It was used by Indian women or royal blood ladies. It basically comprises of a bangle attached with a chain to a ring. There are various types of hand harnesses like one with pearl strand, platinum whole or golden ring, etc. If you plan to wear Indian dress you can pair it up with single hand harness. You should also avoid wearing too many rings.

Ring- It is a round band usually made of metal worn as an ornamental piece of jewellery around the finger. These are of various types:-

Championship ring– This is a ring presented to the members of the winning team in North American professional sports league and college tournaments as mementos.

Class ring– It is a ring worn by students or alumni to commemorate their graduation (also known as senior, grad, graduate or graduation ring). It can have various emblems or pictures or words on the gems.

Engagement rings– This is a ring which is presented as a gift by a partner to their prospective spouse when they propose marriage or a marriage proposal is accepted. It is a ring indicating that a person is about to be married.

Wedding ring– This indicates that the wearer is married. It is usually worn in the left or right hand’s ring finger.

Knuckle ring– Ring which is smaller in diameter and can be worn on the fingertip with a second or third knuckle.

Friendship ring– This symbolizes special relationship between two friends as a sign of friendship.

Wrist bands– These are encircling strips worn on the wrist. These are bracelet like bands similar to wrist watches. There are sweatbands also which are used by players.



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