Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something.”

It is rightly said that dress how you want to be addressed. You can make a first impression only once, and what the interviewer is going to see first is your appearance. Before you speak the first word, the interviewer is going to judge your personality with your appearance.

When you pick an attire for the interview, keep in mind not to choose such an outfit which gets you noticed and which can cost you a job. Following are the common faux pas during interviews:-

•Loud colors: Often people like wearing loud colors and clothes having big flower prints which is totally inappropriate when it comes to attire for interviews. Don’t wear something which is attention grabbing. Avoid wearing bright and loud colors. e.g. dark shades of yellow, pink, violet, purple, orange, etc.
Always go for colors which have soothing effects and are not eye catchy.

•Fringes/ Bangs/ Fly Hair: Usually it is seen in females that they have fringes or unwanted fly hair. This should be totally avoided. Hair should be neatly tied and should be properly gelled so that no fringes come on your face. It disrupts eye contact and readjustment again and again is distracting.
Nowadays we see males have the desire for long hair and they gel them to spikes which should be a big ‘NO’ at the time of interview.

•Gaudy jewellery: Women are fond of jewellery and it is their best friend. In an interview one should avoid wearing drop earrings and huge neck pieces- with big stones. Fancy bracelets and wrist watches with big dials should also be avoided.
One can go with stud earrings or simple small pendant with a small dial wrist watch.

•Footwear: Usually females tend to wear high heels and open toed heels. They should avoid open toed heels as it gives an unprofessional look. If they want to wear heels they should only wear it when they are confident and they won’t wobble.
Males sometimes wear unpolished shoes which are too unprofessional. Men are often identified by their well polished shoes so they should wear polished shoes and loafers and should avoid wearing slippers and sandals.




•Labeled bags: Usually females carry branded bags. Bags with loud colors and big labels on it of the brands should be avoided. It will grab the attention of the interviewers towards the belongings and not on you.
One should carry bags which have pastel colors and no big labels of the brands.

•Unprofessional jackets: In winters, people tend to wear jackets that are worn by bikers which are stylish and should be avoided for the interview.
One should wear either a full formal attire for the interview with a coat or even looking jacket.

•Outdated outfit: Some attires are all time favourite of people and when they have to go somewhere they prefer the same outfit, no matter how old the attire is. But people should avoid wearing an outfit which is too old. It can happen to be outdated.
One should always go with the trend and fashion in vogue.

•Loud make-up and perfumes: Usually people wear heavy make-up and mild perfumes. This catches the attention of the interviewers and doesn’t give an appealing look.
One should always go for light make-up with just kohl, eyeliner and light shade of lipstick. Also one should wear lighter density perfume, though bad odour is a matter of concern still a mild perfume should be avoided.

Keep your look simple and don’t overdo. The interviewee should be well groomed to give a professional look. And most important don’t forget to smile because your face expresses a lot.

Kashf Khan

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