How to crack the cabin crew interview..

They say the best way to prepare for an interview is to talk to a person already working in that field. And they say it right. Keeping in mind, We bring to you words directly from Ms. Jyothi Mishra,who has been serving as a Cabin Supervisor in Jet Airways and has an enriching experience.

We’ll let the experience speak in form of few tips and tricks on how to crack the cabin crew interview.

Your boarding pass to travel the world

If you’re reading this, you must be inquisitive about this wonderful journey to the skies. A journey that will break your myths, widen your horizon, fill your heart with hope and bring in the joy, you haven’t felt for years now. But, before you dig in, a little insight on what a cabin crew life’s all about…Keep your eyes rolling…as this will unwind a new world.

So, what IS the big deal about being a cabin crew? What all would you be going through?

As a cabin crew,

  • You may leave India to have your breakfast in London, while your family is taking lunch back home.
  • You would be cluttered with requests of gifts for family and friends.
  • You will be hands-full of  CHARLES & KEITH, HERSHEY’S, ZARA, ALDO, the list goes on and on …. wait, wait, wait… at their BEST season of sale while you roam around the world on a shopping spree.
  • It’s not over yet…your palate will be filled with flavors of the best locals…
  • You will be traveling around the world, so much that you may adapt to their accent while you back home…
  • Sounds interesting right??? There’s surely a lot to it but we will smack it one by one.

First, let’s talk about the entry ticket….the boarding pass…I am talking about the cabin crew interview…

Interviews… then and now

Interviews in today’s times are easier to crack, as you are loaded with videos, blogs, articles and so much information on google. However, I still believe in the traditional and the time-honored method of ‘learning it by doing it’…that’s the best way. I personally do not recommend the training schools that burn your pockets only to teach you the art of attending interviews which you will gain by ‘experience’.

I shall reveal what I mean by ‘experience’ in my next blog.


First things first… if you wish to be a cabin crew, these are few MUST HAVES:

  • Firstly a PASSPORT, though obvious, not many have it ready even it today’s time, neither did I, when I had appeared for the interview 12 years back.
  • Your COMMUNICATION SKILLS, precisely your spoken English and Hindi both…. yes I repeat BOTH.
  •  You could be an undergraduate or a 12th PASS, freshly out of the higher secondary examination.
  • A swimmer is also a must in these times if you see yourself as an international crew.
  • Oops….did I miss the tattoos! “No visible tattoos please”… Not my say, most of the airlines Highlight this in their must-haves.
  • Height and weight is definitely a grey area, as I have seen most of the airlines have their own criteria… However minimum 155 cm for women and 170 cm for men, but do check their website for customization as you may be lucky if their requirement matches your weighing scale output.
  • Let’s come to the “GOOD TO HAVES”. If you speak a foreign language….wow! You have an edge.
  • If you are from the hospitality industry, you do stand out.
  •  All the customer service executives….welcome to the new world of customer service…..Never has an industry been so rewarding and perks full…

Never has customer service industry been this exciting, adventurous, not to mention, not trapped in a cubicle

  • Classics like ‘Around the world in a bad mood’,’ Tea coffee or me’ can only give you an inceptive insight.
  • Come and explore the world yourself.
  •  A world that never sleeps,
  •  a world full of travel,
  • shopping,
  •  adventures,
  •  Grumpy people and the best of world wines and spirits pouring in…
  • All this, while you maintain calm, discipline and yet high spirits…


Few tips that could come in handy:

  • Know about the job
  • Fluency is a MUST. Time to say goodbye to all the fillers such as “Hmmm” “aaaa” etc.
  • Be a multi-tasker
  • Be friendly and helpful to everyone. This way, you will get in the habit of doing it. Be eager to help
  • Your body speaks way before your tongue does.Have a confident and a profound body language.
  • You should be in control of your hand movements and gestures.
  • Have a polite tone.
  • Most importantly, SMILE 🙂

Welcome to the cabin crew world…..where we await your presence….see you there! Hope 40,000 ft won’t melt you down. As having said all of that flying is an adventure and a challenge many seek to plunge.


Jyothi Mishra, 
Cabin Supervisor
Jet Airways.

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