People get to know about a person’s personality through handwriting, body language, eye contact, etc. but  is it possible just with a handshake? Of course, YES. With a handshake, it is possible to get the clue of the inner nature of the people you meet at professional front or at personal. So let’s get started and know some kinds of handshakes:


  • SWEATY PALMS:- These are the people that are expected to be slightly nervous, are self-conscious and tend to analyse everything
  • DEAD FISH:- This type is the most infamous one. This kind has no squeeze, no pinch, no shake, not even energy, it feels like that you are holding a dead fish instead of hand. The people who have such handshakes are non-committal, uninterested, scared and lack many things.


  • THE PUSHER:- These kinds of handshakes indicate that the person is scared of maintaining closeness or contact with the other person and wants to make distance. This is to give the person space (physical and emotional).
  • TOP-HANDED SHAKE:- This indicates superiority. This is a kind of handshake in which the hand shaker holds it horizontally and not vertically where the hand is on top of the other.
  • LOBSTER CLAW:- This type of handshake indicates fear, anxiety and commitment issues. They have fear to connect at a deeper level and may face challenges in building relationships.
  • BONE CRUSHER:- This type indicates squeezing of hand until the person cringes the hand which is pain inflicting. This clearly refers to intimidation.
  • THE TWO-HANDED HANDSHAKE:- This type of handshake is comfortable and is most common among politicians. This also conveys honesty, warmness, friendship or trustworthiness. If the person’s left hand stays on your hand, it is a sincere handshake. And if the hand goes up the wrist, arms or elbows, the person tries to get something from you.
  • FINGER VICE:- This is the act of grabbing not the entire hand but only the fingers. The people who have this kind of handshake want to keep others at a distance. Such type is insecure and helps in attacking others.

These are just a few handshakes which can help you know an individual’s personality more deeply. Hope this blog helps you in giving an insight about your friend and enemy. 🙂


Kashf Khan



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