We are living in 21st century and finally we have realized that it is a man eat man world. There is cut throat competition at every step, be it for taking admission in our favorite college to getting our dream job to moving ahead in hierarchical order, we need to face competition everywhere.

Who doesn’t want a good job and in the race of getting that one post “nth” people apply, take as well as qualify exam. Now, for the applicant qualifying the exam is like moving one step forward towards the goal, however for the recruitment board, the more the number of applicants the more time taking the interview process.

So, in order to ease this out and making it easy to choose the right candidate, most of the companies/colleges now follow a system of conducting GROUP DISCUSSIONS before Personal Interview of the candidates.

Now a question arises,


Group Discussion, commonly known as GD, is a process of screening in the appropriate candidate suitable for the desired job profile.

Depending upon the number of vacancies and applications, candidates are called in different time slots.

They are made to sit around a round table and are given a topic.

They are given around 1-3 mins to think over the topic and make points.

At the gesture of the group moderator they are asked to give their views on the topic.

The ideal time duration for a group discussion is 15-20 mins in which around 8-12 candidates are given chance to speak.

There are a lot of parameters on which a candidate is judged, to name a few:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Logical skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Subject knowledge
  • Number of valid entries etc.

Keeping such points in mind the interviewer chooses the suitable candidates for the next round i.e., Personal Interview and the rest of the candidates are screened out (which means they can now apply the next time any opportunity comes.)


After taking a rigorous test and checking ones technical and conceptual knowledge, it becomes important for a college to know your skills to work in a team. For any good B school, its students are its assets and students are the ones who take the name of the school forward, so it becomes very important for them to choose the right candidate with the right kind of attitude because the future reputation of the college is directly linked with it. Thus, Group Discussions become an easy way of judging the potential candidate and can evaluate how you can work in a team. Managers work in a team and get best results out of teamwork only. So, the B schools keep GDs as an important tool to select candidates.



Companies conduct GDs after written assessment to know about your:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Participation
  • Contribution


Stay tuned to read our next blog on “How to ace a GD”


Ruchi Chauhan


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