“India is the world’s most youthful nation. A nation with such youth power cannot dream small. We should dream big, we should enable to dream big and we should give them an opportunity to realize their dreams.” – By Mr. Narendra Modi

Every year thousands of youngsters aim to dream big and aim to serve the nation through a platform provided to them by SSB. SSB i.e. Services Selection Board is an organization that looks candidates for admission into the Armed Forces of India. There are various Services Selection Boards of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. The interviews for the same are conducted for five days to test all the Officers Like Qualities in the candidates.
There are two ways through which one can appear in SSB interviews. One is through applying and qualifying the entrance exam and second is by applying in various Army, Navy and Air Force courses and getting SSB call letter.
Following is the procedure of the day-wise SSB interviews:-

  1.  On the first day of the interview, only psychological tests are conducted. They are as follows:-
  • Intelligence Tests -These are designed to measure the variety of mental functions like reasoning, comprehension, and judgment.
  • Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)a hazy but blurred picture is shown and the candidates have to coin/fabricate a story on it.
  • Filling up of Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Formsit consists of two pages which include questions related to academics, relatives, self and other miscellaneous questions.

2. On the second day of the interview, tests like WAT, TAT, SRT and Self Description Test are conducted. They are as follows:-

  • Word Association Testin the Word Association Test, a word is shown and a meaningful sentence is to be made
  • Thematic Apperception Testthis is a projective test designed to reveal a person’s social drives by their interpretation of a series of pictures of emotionally ambiguous situations.
  • Situation Reaction Testit is a test conducted to test the reaction of the candidate for a given situation
  • Self Description Testthis is the type of the test which knows about the psychology and personality of the person through the traits and qualities.

3. On the third day of the interview, the following tests are conducted:-

  • Group Discussionin a group discussion, a group of individuals come together and share their thoughts, ideas, solve problems and give comments.
  • Military Planning Exerciseit is done to check the reaction of the candidates when they are put in a stressful situation, in which decision-making ability and reactions are checked.
  • Lecturetteit is a small speech or talk given by a candidate to judge the personality of the person.
  • Progressive group taskin PGT, set of obstacles are kept on the ground in a specified area in which team members are supposed to cross each obstacle defined by a set of rules.
  • Intergroup Obstacle Race or Snake Raceit is important in group testing series and it shows the candidate’s behavior and attitude within the group. It seems like fighting a war with others.
  • Half Group Taskit is conducted after PGT but the difference is that the group is divided into two sets. It is also a leaderless exercise.
  • Command Taskit is the part of the group testing series in which the GTO focuses on the individual rather than the entire group.
  • Personal Interview of some candidates by the President– the interview is one to one with the officer on board. The length of the interview may lie between 30 minutes to 1 hour but this doesn’t determine the selection criteria but the quality of the interview does.

4. On the fourth day of the interview, following tests are conducted:-

  • Final Group Taskthis is the last task of the GTO which is executed by the whole group. This task is completed by a group of 8 to 10 members.
  • Individual Obstacleshere, there are a series of obstacles which are placed one after the other and the candidate has to successfully cross the maximum of them in the allotted time slot. The male candidates have to complete 10 obstacles and female ones have to complete 7 obstacles in 3 minutes. The types of obstacles are high jump, barrel jump, double ditch, etc.
  • At last, on this day, there are interviews held for the remaining candidates.

5. On the fifth day, a conference is conducted and the announcement is made of the recommended candidates by the SSB board officials.

As rightly said that there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. Similarly, to get through SSB, you need to go through the procedure mentioned above. Hope the information, provided here, will give you a better thought process and guide you to achieve your dreams.



Kashf Khan

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